Maybe Moving = No Shop Time

Since this possible moving thing is hanging over us (still waiting to see if our abounding hope will be satisfied) I am not working projects. It sort of puts me in limbo on many things here at this house. But it also provides an opportunity to do the things needed at this house to get it ready to sell if the opportunity comes around for that to be necessary. We started a list of things that need to be done and what we thought would be a short list became longer and longer. Most things are small but they add up. And there is an insurance check coming for the hail damage we took in the past several weeks (two hail storms within a couple of weeks). It's a big check tied to a lot of things that need to be worked on. If you've watched my videos you probably saw a quick bit on the rear window of my car being demolished by baseball sized hail. It's in the shop right now getting the dents taken care of, the many dents.

All that to make the excuse for why I am getting nothing done... no projects, no videos, no fun. I am kind of bummed about it. So that's another reason for wanting to know what is going to happen soon. Ugh.