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Video Woodworkers Skiatook Adventure 2017

I went to the video woodworker event in Skiatook, Oklahoma. I just went as a regular guy and not a YouTube channel. Next year I want to go as a channel and try to engage kids and adults to do some hands-on stuff to hopefully let them find the joy of woodworking.

Moy was there letting and teaching people how to turn pens on the lathe. Stone and Sons were helping kids build bird houses. Jay Bates was building a work bench with hand tools and letting people pitch in and help. DN Handcrafted had a bunch of stuff going on and I had not seen his stuff before, but I am a big fan now. Not only of his woodworking but the quality of his videos, too.

It all was very cool. I shot a little footage there and put together for my enjoyment and maybe yours, too.