shop move

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Uncertainty. That's my life right now. We put our house up for sale and have not had much interest as of yet. That was a little surprising since the real estate market is crazy here right now and mostlly in the seller's favor.

One of the main reasons we decided to move to a bigger place was because my wife's parents had moved in with us and we needed the extra room. After we had put a contract on that house and the day the photographer showed up to our house for it to be listed, her parents packed up and left suddenly. There is a whole story behind that and I am not going to get into the ugly details of it all, and they were kind of ugly. So there is some emotional baggage tied to this whole process now. My wife has lost the desire to even move now since we don't NEED the bigger space now. I would still like to go because I like the house and the yard and the new shop.

Another issue is it is more expensive and that is going to put a strain on things. Her parents were supposed to be helping with some of the money and that is now gone with them.

Sooooo, things are uncertain. Our initial contract on the new house (with contingency) is up as of August 14th and my wife wants to NOT ask for an extension and let it die at that point. It's quite a bit of work to keep the house "show ready" with several kids running around the house. So if our house doesn't sell within the next week it looks like we are done. That makes me a little sad but I will be glad to finally know the outcome one way or the other. I have spent zero time in the shop other than getting the house ready to sell.