shop move

Yes, We Moved!

For that one person (and I am being optimistic with that estimate) who is keeping track and caring... we did end up getting that house we were trying to get and managed to sell our house and get moved. So I have this great outbuilding for a shop. A shop that is currently in disarray and unusable for much of anything but wasps and a bird I found in there the other morning. But it is my new shop and I am very much excited about that. 

So I am thinking that since I am not really building anything interesting at the moment and have had all woodworking on hold during this whole house buying/selling/moving process, that I just don't have any video things to post. So I am considering doing a SHOP and HOME series of videos. The shop will of course be the setup and organization of all things shop and the home will be those home projects we will tackle in this house. The house was built in 1972 and hasn't had a lot of updating so parts are needing some newness infused and the decor also needs some help in a whole lot of the house. Some of those projects might be interesting videos and some might be mundane. The mundane might just be overview videos of the progress and work done. I have lots of plans for the shop but not enough money to match the plans at this point. So if the throng of adoring fans would head on over to my patreon (where it is very lonely right now) and help me move forward I would literally fall over with excitement and surprise. Seriously, I'll have to take the updates slowly since the budget to do them is just not there yet. I want to built a mitre/radial arm saw station, get the dust collection piped and working, finish out the shop with insulation and finished walls, build a lumber rack, update the shelving that is already there, get my new lights hung (I need some bulbs and those run about $100 to fill the lights I have). So the intentions are there, just not the cash yet.

My goal is that when I do create videos of the SHOP and HOME stuff, that it's not just a rehash of what other people have done a thousand times. Anyway, that's the update and thanks for caring, whoever you are.