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The Shed Saga: Part 1

On my property at the new house is a shed. It was locked up all the times we looked at the house so I had never seen inside. It's 12x16 and a good, solid building with a great roof structure. After we moved in I realized that the sandy loam soil had let the shed (which was without any real foundation) sink down several inches. The floor inside was actually sitting on the dirt under it. The joists, floor, plate and the bottom of the studs were seriously damaged from being in contact with the ground. The studs are still pretty good and only a little damaged at the bottom. 

I don't really want to give up on it and scrap it because everything from above the floor is excellent. 

So we (my dad and I) decided (he took some coaxing to buy in) to lift the shed up with jacks and put a new floor and structure under it. Nothing to it. Ha.

We have a plan and I've built the floor structure next to the shed already. BUT... we think we found a bee colony inside one of the shed walls. So I have a buddy who keeps bees who is coming out to remove them and take them away. Then we will lift the shed, remove the damage, fix what needs to be fixed in studs and plate, and set it back down on the new floor structure. Again, nothing to it, right? Then I want to paint it. 

I am taking video of all this and plan to release parts of it over the next several weeks as it unfolds. The bees will probably be their own video and I don't know if the shed will be broken into several or just one complete video. We will see. It'll be fun either way.