Projects Take Time & Money

I have quite a few projects on a list that could keep me busy for a long time. Projects like shop cabinetry, home remodel/renovation, the shed, finishing the shop walls (insulation/drywall), furniture design/build, lighting projects (a couple planned)... and more. I have two impediments to those: time & money. Isn't that a common thing? 

I work full-time managing the software and technology for a real estate solutions company in Dallas. I also have six kids, five of which still live at home, three of which are 12 or under and two are teenagers. That right there eats most of the awake time I have. And the sleep time is shorter than it should be. So weekends are precious and mostly limited to Saturday since our Sundays are filled with church and service that we volunteer for. Shooting video on projects adds to the time it takes and then the editing time is significant as well. Although I really love the video and editing parts (and am getting a little better at both).

As far as the money part of the equation... my wife and I decided back almost 23 years ago, that she would stay home with the kids. We have lived on one income since then and she has home schooled our kids from beginning to graduation. There is a financial commitment to saying you will live on one income in this world. Especially in Dallas where a lot of folks have two working parents and a big house and fancy cars and some disposable income. We do not. And that is fine since it is what we decided would be best for our kids in the long run. It does make it difficult to do all the extra things. Things like buy lots of tools or do home projects or buy lumber for other projects. But I wouldn't change that decision at all.

All that comes together to a point where I can't work as fast as I want to. It's not a terrible thing, just a fact. I want to accomplish so much so fast and I can't do it. It's one of God's ways of building some patience within me I think. I am not very good at patience. This instant gratification world we live in has harbored that impatient make it happen fast mentality in me and many of you.

I'll eventually get there... see you there.