In support of the YouTube video of building this, here are the plans and measurements of this thing.


  • Bottom Frame Sides - 2x4 2@ 36"
  • Bottom Frame Ends - 2x4 2@ 12"
  • Uprights - 2x4 2@ 23"
  • 2'x2' plywood (anwhere from 1/2" to 3/4" thick) cut diagnally into two triangles
  • 1" wooden dowel cut into 19" and 10" lengths
  • Plywood or MDF to build a box approximately 9"x8"x6"
  • Quickrete or some other concrete
  • Rope that is thin but strong
  • A good thick coat hanger
  • 2 eyebolts that can screw into wood
  • scrap piece of MDF or Plywood for the runway base. Mine was about 9" or 10" wide. It just has to fit between the uprights.
  • something thick enough to not be too floppy but soft enough to have some flex for the pouch. I used some foam that came in some tool packing (see the video for what that looks like).
  • 1 good sized nail.

It is a simple build and you can use the list above and the image below to see where things go and how it goes together and the video will show you my build and give a few tips here an there that I learned by making mistakes or by trying somethings that didn't work. It'll also show you how the pouch attaches.